Medieval Roman Wars
Real Time Multiplayer Strategy

Updated Version 4.0 ( May"17 )

+ Friendly Matches
+ Rated Matches
? Yet to come ( samurai & wizard )

Medieval Roman Wars

Plan Strategically to deploy and move your units for Glory

In the 5 minutes of Gameplay

You get reinforcements from the Aura Tower. Protect the tower at all costs.

Tap on the unit icons in the lower left corner of the screen. If you have enough reinforcements, the unit is added to the deck. You can add maximum of 9 units of each unit type into the deck.

If you have prepared a deck, then tap on battle ground to deploy them. After deploying the deck, all the units in this deck will act as one legion in the war.

Tap directly on any unit on battle ground and their legion gets selected. Now that you have a legion selected, you can commandeer them to anywhere within the battle ground.

Each war ends in 5 minutes. If the health of the tower drops below 25% then it is considered as critically damaged,  but you can deploy the troops. When your tower is destroyed completed, you are defeated and you cannot deploy units. At the end of the game, the team with more number of standing towers wins (towers that are critically damaged are not considered as standing towers).

To Be Noted:
If a legion is selected, they turn into cyan color. Once a unit is in melee with enemy unit, you cannot move it. In multiplayer, network failures while playing will be notified as offline and if you switch to any other app while playing the game, you get disconnected. While creating a multiplayer room, you can specify an optional password which is used to organize a friendly match.

About Units:

Pikes : They are your hand infantry. They are very cost effective defense units. But are vulnerable against ranged units.

Archers : They are your ranged infantry. They have range advantage, but have less melee attack, and are vulnerable to Knights.

Knights : They are your cavalry. They are fast, agile, and do heavy damage to Elephants and ranged units, but fall against Pikes.

Ballista : They are your machinery. They pack a punch of damage in each projectile, but can be deployed only defensively and do not move.

Elephants : They are heavy cavalry. They are slow, but do area damage in battle. They have tough armor, but they cannot tackle the Knights.

Release Notes:


+ Tournaments

+ Rated Matches

Yet to be done:

? Watch completed matches feature

? Samurai and Wizard